Three Parents Filming

"It's been a good experience seeing the teachers, the children and us learning and working on a project together..." Parent

This website is a showcase of some of the objects, people, stories and art work that emerged during Horn Park's Creativity Week in the summer term of 2010.

Every pupil, staff member and a group of parents were invited to bring a special object in to school to share it's stories and create work inspired by them. From teddy bears to bottles of sand; from African sculptures to a pair of diving goggles each object had a fascinating story to tell which in turn tells a story of Horn Park and it's community.

The project was supported by Thomas Tallis School and delivered in partnership with Eelyn Lee Productions


Adisa"I'd like to do more things that the kids are doing at school. It gives you something to talk about...” Parent

On the first day back after the Easter holidays the staff spent a day exploring their own special objects. Working with performance poet Adisa the Verbalizer and a team of filmmakers they made a series of film poemsTeacher inspired by eight of their objects.

Since then staff have transferred some of the creative experiences and technical skills learnt during the day in to the classroom.


Cat Filming

"My kids thought my film was brilliant. They've been watching it over and over again. It's been important to them to see their mum produce something and come in to their classroom...” Parent

A group of parents were also invited to work with Adisa and the filmmakers from Eelyn Elaine Filming Lee Productions to make a series of film poems over six sessions.

Each parent presented their film to a class of children and told stories about their special object. Children loved their parents coming in to the classroom and parents valued being an integral part of school-life.


Boy with Bear Painting Boy Working

"My children have loved me being a part of it...” Parent

During one week in May the whole school were creating work around their special objects. Teachers were leading sessions on filmmaking and poetry and children were working on creative tasks both individually and in groups.

Year 1 classes wrote their chosen objects in to a story-book; Year 6 classes made images of their objects in felt and turned them in to patchwork quilts.

Photos by Natasha Caruana.
Image of storage boxes by Flickr's Anne G under CC-NC-SA

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